Ming Dynasty Chinese Paintings
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James Cahill
Fine Arts Library "Rubel Collection"
East Asian Art History Program at Harvard University

The Ming dynasty Chinese painters and paintings index is a searchable dataset that continues James Cahill's print publication "An index of early Chinese painters and paintings: T'ang, Sung, and Yüan." Compiled by Prof. Cahill over a period of many years, the database contains over 10,000 records including three types of data: 1) artist biographies, 2) artwork descriptions and 3) a bibliography covering the Ming Dynasty period, mid-fourteenth through mid-seventeenth centuries in China.

Artist and Place names are currently transliterated in Wade-Giles, and Painting Titles are in English or Wade-Giles. Many titles in the Bibliography field contain Asian characters and can be searched using Asian script. To search or browse the collection follow one of the links at the left. Please see "Help" for searching with Asian script.

The Ming Index is currently accepting queries and comments from scholars in the field. To contribute to the Index, please contact Nanni Deng: ndeng@fas.harvard.edu

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