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Afshar-Ghassemlou, Amir-Khosrow. .

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  • Iranian Oral History
    • Tape
      • Narrator: Afshar-Ghassemlou, Amir-Khosrow
      • Biographical Note: Ambassador to Bonn, Paris, & London. acting minister of Foreign Affairs (1960); Minister of Foreign Affairs (1978-79).
      • Gender: Male
      • Tape Number: 03
      • Pages: 23
      • Tape Length: 1
      • Language: Persian
      • Restriction: None
      • Interviewer: Habib Ladjevardi
      • Interview Date: 1985-10-18
      • Interview Location: London
      • Subject: Alam, Asadollah
      • Subject: Amini, Ali
      • Subject: Pahlavi, Ashraf (Princess)
      • Subject: Bahrain
      • Subject: Cabinet of Ala, Hossein
      • Subject: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
      • Subject: Tehran Chamber of Commerce
      • Subject: Court, the Imperial
      • Subject: Firouz, Mozaffar
      • Subject: Ghavam, Ahmad, as Prime Minister
      • Subject: Ghavam, Ahmad, Relations with the Shah
      • Subject: Great Britain, Intelligence Gathering in Iran
      • Subject: Montasser, Nosratollah
      • Subject: Mossadegh, Mohammad
      • Subject: Sepehr, Ahmad-Ali (Movarrekh al-Dowleh)
      • Subject: Nikpour, Abdolhossein
      • Subject: Razmara, Haj-Ali (Gen.), as Prime Minister
      • Subject: Pahlavi, Reza Shah, Legislative Branch &
      • Subject: Senate, Proceedings of
      • Subject: Shah, Character of the
      • Subject: Shah, Constitutionalism, Democracy & the
      • Subject: Shah, Foreign Relations of the
      • Subject: Shah, Legislative Branch & the
      • Subject: Shah, Rule & Administrative Style of the
      • Subject: Taghizadeh, Hassan
      • Subject: Zahedi, Ardeshir, as Ambassador & Foreign Minister
      • Subject: Afshar-Ghassemlou, Amir-Khosrow
      • Transliterated Subject: Afshār-Qāsimlū, Amīr-Khusraw
      • Transliterated Subject: ʻAlam, Asad Allāh
      • Transliterated Subject: Amīnī, ʻAlī
      • Transliterated Subject: Pahlavī, Ashraf (Princess)
      • Transliterated Subject: Cabinet of ʻAlāʾ, Ḥusayn
      • Transliterated Subject: Tihrān Chamber of Commerce
      • Transliterated Subject: Fīrūz, Muẓaffar
      • Transliterated Subject: Qavām, Aḥmad, as Prime Minister
      • Transliterated Subject: Qavām, Aḥmad, Relations with the Shāh
      • Transliterated Subject: Muntaṣir, Nuṣrat Allāh
      • Transliterated Subject: Mūṣaddiq, Mūḥammad
      • Transliterated Subject: Sipihr, Aḥmad-ʻAlī (Muvarrikh al-Dawlah)
      • Transliterated Subject: Nīkpūr, ‘Abd al-Ḥusayn
      • Transliterated Subject: Razmʹārā, Ḥājj-ʻAlī (Gen.), as Prime Minister
      • Transliterated Subject: Pahlavī, Riz̤ā Shāh, Legislative Branch &
      • Transliterated Subject: Shāh, Character of the
      • Transliterated Subject: Shāh, Constitutionalism, Democracy & the
      • Transliterated Subject: Shāh, Foreign Relations of the
      • Transliterated Subject: Shāh, Legislative Branch & the
      • Transliterated Subject: Shāh, Rule & Administrative Style of the
      • Transliterated Subject: Taqīzādah, Ḥasan
      • Transliterated Subject: Zāhidī, Ardashīr, as Ambassador & Foreign Minister

 This record is part of the Iranian Oral History Project collection, consisting of the digitized (text and audio) personal accounts of 134 individuals who played major roles in, or were eyewitnesses to, important political events in Iran from the 1920s to the 1980s.
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