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Dolatshahi, Mehrangiz. .

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    • Tape
      • Narrator: Dolatshahi, Mehrangiz
      • Biographical Note: Daughter of Mohammad-Ali Mirza "Meshkout al-Dowleh" (civil servant, landowner and Majles deputy). University education in social sciences, 21st, 22nd and 23rd Majles deputy from Kermanshah; ambassador, & leading member of the women's organization.
      • Gender: Female
      • Tape Number: 05
      • Pages: 26
      • Tape Length: 1
      • Language: Persian
      • Restriction: None
      • Interviewer: Shahrokh Meskoob
      • Interview Date: 1984-05-18
      • Interview Location: Paris
      • Subject: Ala, Hossein, as Court Minister
      • Subject: Massoud-Ansari, Abdolhossein
      • Subject: Ardalan, Ali-Gholi
      • Subject: Pahlavi, Ashraf (Princess)
      • Subject: Dowlatabadi, Sedigheh
      • Subject: Farmanfarmaian, Sattareh
      • Subject: Hekmat, Ali-Asghar
      • Subject: International Council of Women
      • Subject: Manouchehrian, Mehrangiz
      • Subject: Mosaheb, Shamsolmolouk
      • Subject: Parsaii, Farokhrou
      • Subject: Pahlavi, Reza Shah, Social Policies of
      • Subject: Sayyah, Fatemeh
      • Subject: SAVAK
      • Subject: Soviet Union
      • Subject: Tarbiyat, Hajer
      • Subject: Teimourtash, Abdolhossein
      • Subject: Women
      • Subject: Dolatshahi, Mehrangiz
      • Transliterated Subject: Dawlatshāhī, Mihrangīz
      • Transliterated Subject: ʻAlāʾ, Ḥusayn, as Court Minister
      • Transliterated Subject: Masʻūd-Anṣārī, ‘Abd al-Ḥusayn
      • Transliterated Subject: Ardalān, ʻAlī-Qulī
      • Transliterated Subject: Pahlavī, Ashraf (Princess)
      • Transliterated Subject: Dawlatābādī, Ṣadīqah
      • Transliterated Subject: Farmānfarmāʾiyān, Sitārah
      • Transliterated Subject: Ḥikmat, ʻAlī-Aṣghar
      • Transliterated Subject: Manūchiriyān, Mihrangīz
      • Transliterated Subject: Muṣāḥib, Shams al-Mulūk
      • Transliterated Subject: Pārsāʾī, Farrukrū
      • Transliterated Subject: Pahlavī, Riz̤ā Shāh, Social Policies of
      • Transliterated Subject: Sāyah, Fāṭimah
      • Transliterated Subject: SĀVĀK
      • Transliterated Subject: Tarbiyat, Ḥājir
      • Transliterated Subject: Taymūrtāsh, ‘Abd al-Ḥusayn

 This record is part of the Iranian Oral History Project collection, consisting of the digitized (text and audio) personal accounts of 134 individuals who played major roles in, or were eyewitnesses to, important political events in Iran from the 1920s to the 1980s.
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