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Salamatian, Ahmad. .

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    • Tape
      • Narrator: Salamatian, Ahmad
      • Biographical Note: Vice minister of foreign affairs (1979) and member of the 1st session of the IRI Majles.
      • Gender: Male
      • Tape Number: 01
      • Pages: 26
      • Tape Length: 1
      • Language: Persian
      • Restriction: No Quotation
      • Interviewer: Habib Ladjevardi
      • Interview Date: 1983-03-07
      • Interview Location: Paris
      • Subject: Bakhtiar, Chapour
      • Subject: Bazargan, Mehdi
      • Subject: Beheshti, Mohammad-Hossein (Ayatollah Seyyed)
      • Subject: Freedom Movement of Iran
      • Subject: Ghezel Ghaleh Prison
      • Subject: Hashemi-Rafsanjani, Ali-Akbar
      • Subject: Khomeini, Rouhollah (Ayatollah)
      • Subject: Khonsari, Ahmad (Ayatollah Haj Seyyed)
      • Subject: Maniyan, Mahmoud (Haj)
      • Subject: Rashed, Hossein-Ali
      • Subject: Sadr, Mousa (Imam Seyyed)
      • Subject: Sanjabi, Karim
      • Subject: Shariatmadari, Mohammad-Kazem (Ayatollah)
      • Subject: Siyom-e Tir, 1331 Uprising
      • Subject: Taleghani, Mahmoud (Ayatollah)
      • Subject: Salamatian, Ahmad
      • Transliterated Subject: Salāmatiyān, Aḥmad
      • Transliterated Subject: Bakhtiyār, Shāpūr
      • Transliterated Subject: Bāzargān, Mahdī
      • Transliterated Subject: Bihishtī, Muḥammad-Ḥusayn (Āyat Allāh Sayyid)
      • Transliterated Subject: Qizil Qalʻah Prison
      • Transliterated Subject: Hāshimī-Rafsanjānī, ʻAlī-Akbar
      • Transliterated Subject: Khumaynī, Rūḥ Allāh (Āyat Allāh)
      • Transliterated Subject: Khvunsārī, Aḥmad (Āyat Allāh Ḥājj Sayyid)
      • Transliterated Subject: Maniyān, Maḥmūd (Ḥājj)
      • Transliterated Subject: Rāshid, Ḥusayn-ʻAlī
      • Transliterated Subject: Ṣadr, Mūsá (Imām Sayyid)
      • Transliterated Subject: Sanjābī, Karīm
      • Transliterated Subject: Sharīʻatmadārī, Muḥammad-Kāẓim (Āyat Allāh)
      • Transliterated Subject: Sīyum-e Tīr, 1331 Uprising
      • Transliterated Subject: Ṭāliqānī, Maḥmūd (Āyat Allāh)

 This record is part of the Iranian Oral History Project collection, consisting of the digitized (text and audio) personal accounts of 134 individuals who played major roles in, or were eyewitnesses to, important political events in Iran from the 1920s to the 1980s.
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