Ming Dynasty Chinese Paintings

Garden scenes and landscapes. Shen Chou.

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James Cahill
Fine Arts Library "Rubel Collection"
East Asian Art History Program at Harvard University

  • Ming
    • Record ID: 1757330279
    • Artist
      • Artist Name: Shen Chou
      • Tzu Hao: t. Ch'i-nan, h. Shih-t'ien, Po-shih weng, Yü-t'ien weng
      • Period: 1427-1509
      • Place: From Su-chou
      • Subjects: Landscapes, flowers and birds. Followed Tung Yüan, Chü-jan and the Four Yüan masters
      • Biography: Poet, calligrapher
      • References: I, 56, 7; N, II, 12; O, 3; M, 415; AL, 223-229; CP, VII. For Shen Chou's paintings, see Cheng Ping-shan, Shen Chou, Shanghai, 1958 (Chung-kuo hua-chia ts'ung-shu series)
    • Painting
      • Painting Title: Garden scenes and landscapes
      • Date: Unknown
      • Format: Album of eight leaves
      • Location: C.C. Wang coll., New York
      • References: Weng, Gardens in Chinese Art, fig. 9

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